Top Day Trips Out of London

London makes for a terrific starting point for a range of historically significant spots throughout the United Kingdom. Should London be on your travel agenda in the near future, consider adding a brief weekend jaunt to your plans, taking full advantage of budget-friendly day tours that originate in the city.

1. Tours of Stonehenge

It is easy and convenient to go from London to Stonehenge for a day excursion to get a close-up look at the prehistoric site. You will be able to experience what it was like in the Neolithic period on this important ground that has more than 4,500 years’ worth of history. Learn about the different theories regarding the meaning of this rock structure. Explore the possible explanations that include those related to religion, burials and more. This really is an incredible spectacle as a feat of engineering alone. To make this trip even more convenient for you, why not take the tour of Stonehenge with Candy Tours. Your very own minibus with a driver will mean you can just sit back and enjoy the scenic journey.

2. The Glories of Windsor

Meander through the charming shops of Windsor, indulge in an open-air bus excursion, drift along as part of a boat journey and experience the magnificence of Windsor Castle, the official residence of the Queen.

Immersed in centuries of history, Windsor Castle is set atop a stunning hill above the Thames River. Going back all the way to the Normal period, this royal retreat boasts stunning gardens and the imposing Round Tower that must not be missed.

3. World-Renowned Bath

A day trip to Bath is easy to do when starting out in London. Packages are designed to include the Jane Austen Centre, the well-loved botanical gardens, Bath Abbey as well as the Roman Baths themselves.

Bath represents the only hot spring anywhere in Britain, and the temple and bathing facility constructed by the Romans continues to flow with mineral-rich hot water to this day. The breathtakingly impressive ruins from the ancient baths are very well-preserved and have also been modernised for the convenience of visitors from across the globe.

4. Historic Oxford

Another easy-to-do day trip out of London is to visit the scholarly seat of Oxford. A mere hour away from London, those touring this university town can see the Ashmolean Museum, the exquisite Bodleian Library, Christ Church College and the Sheldonian Theatre, all from a seat on an open-air bus.

5. Fabulous Paris

London is a great jumping-off point for a visit to the City of Lights, otherwise known a Paris. Iconic spots such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower are within close reach for those who avail themselves of a package that includes return fare on Eurostar. There really is nothing quite like Paris for a romantic excursion.

6. Touring the Lake District

Guided tours of the Lake District are always a wonderful idea, with participants able to enjoy a meandering trip through country lanes and picturesque villages. Once at Lake Windermere, you will be able to see the largest lake in all of England. Having a cream tea at the family home of Beatrix Potter, Lindeth Howe is an experience not soon forgotten.

7. England’s Charming Cotswolds

This is an area filled with manicured gardens, storybook villages, emerald green hillscapes, iconic pubs and fantastic limestone architecture dating back centuries. A one-day jaunt through the Cotswolds is not to be missed by those seeking a quintessentially British experience.

8. Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare lovers will want to schedule a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Bard’s hometown for themselves. Taking an open-air coach tour is a great way to take in all of the well-known sites of this literary haven.

9. Leeds Castle

There are more than 1,000 years of glorious history to be experienced at Leeds Castle. Day-trippers out of London will enjoy visits to the famed White Cliffs of Dover as well as Canterbury. River tours on the Thames offer a journey that stretches from Greenwich all the way to Embankment Pier.

10. Medieval Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral is perhaps the most beloved stop on popular day trips from London to the medieval seat of Canterbury, also known as the home of English Christianity. History mavens will marvel at the chance to see the spot at which Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170 and absorb the stunning examples of medieval architecture including iconic pieces of stained glass dating back several centuries.

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