Packing Essentials for International Business Women

International travel can be a stressful process, arriving at the airport on time, getting through customs and worrying about having everything you need, and travelling for business doesn’t make the journey easier.

Every woman has a list in her head of what she needs to pack, but at times something essentials can be left off the list. But to avoid forgetting anything that could jeopardise the trip, there’s a list of things you should consider first.

Travelling Comforts

Naturally, international trips take a lot longer to get to and if there’s a chance that you’re getting off the plane and heading straight into a meeting travelling with some comfort is essential. Buying a premium travelling pillow will assure you can get some real rest on the flight, and also avoid any neck pain from occurring. Although there are usually options in the airport, they don’t tend to be travel neck pillow, and more of a mini pillow that isn’t suitable for upright rest. Having your wash bag in your hand luggage might be a good idea as you can freshen up before you land and you’ll be ready for any encounter before you head to your accommodation, if it’s a really long flight, it’s also nice to be able to brush your teeth and do your hair.

Work Essentials

For any business trip, there are usually items that you will need to take, whether it’s paperwork, a laptop or a tablet. Having the with you and checking you fully charged them the night before any trip so they are ready for any work you may need to do on the plane. Taking a travel adaptor and power bank may also come in handy if your unsure of anything about the country you’re headed to.


Sometimes it’s even to forget that you’ll need some casual wear for any time you have to yourself while away on business. It’s important to relax at some point through the trip too, not giving yourself downtime might make you lose focus and important times.

Read Up

It can be essential to learn about the country you’re arriving in, as cultural differences might be notable. It could even be to a point where something you can do in your homeland is frowned upon in your current location. Offering tips for food, hand gestures and rules of the road can often vary from country to country.

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