Menorca Attractions to Suit Every Taste

Head to the glorious beaches of Menorca following a jaunt to Ibiza or Mallorca, and you will instantly notice a difference. The peaceful nature of this locale is a welcome relief from the go-go feel of other popular destinations. The furthest east of the Balearic Islands, Menorca has a calming rhythm all its own. This relaxed vibe can be experienced in both the Anglo-Spanish town of Mao and the labyrinthine town of Ciutadella. Few areas in the Mediterranean can compare to the powdery-sand coastal stretches of this island. Moving inland, visitors will appreciate the undisturbed, rural feel, with its picturesque villages and ancient stone walls.

Catamaran Touring

On these half-day excursions offered by The Spain Event, visitors can enjoy pristine coves and coastline that can only be accessed from the water. These tours also provide unmatched opportunities to snorkel in still, crystal clear seas.

Catamaran tours are great for families, solo travellers and couple alike. The boat’s open layout and broad hammocks facilitate entry for all, including infants as well as older individuals whose mobility may be somewhat limited. Crew members strive to make all guests feel welcome and integral to the journey. To truly detach from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this is a perfect option. It is impossible not to slow down and enjoy the sights of a Catamaran.

Menorca’s Zoo Lloc

Travellers of all ages will surely delight in a trip to the Lloc de Menorca, an innovative zoo park concept. The operators of this attraction have a deep-seated commitment to conservation of the environment and creating enrichment programming to ensure that all animals have the best lives possible. Every animal on site has been rescued, making this a meaningful place to be. Visitors can visit a lemur forest where the wonders of these amazing animals are on full display. Guests are able to feed goats and observe macaque monkeys in their daily routines.

The Grand Tour of Menorca

There is nothing quite like learning all you can about this lovely part of the world. Knowledgeable guides are ready and waiting to show you Monte Toro’s vistas from this fabulous spot in the island’s centre. A traditional fishing village, Fornells is well-known for the tasty lobster served there as well as water sports opportunities. Guides also relish taking visitors to see S’Albufera d’es Grau, which is an incredible Biosphere Reservoir site. Flora and fauna will be explained in vivid detail. You can also see the most incredible natural harbour anywhere in Europe and do so by boat. The glories of Menorca touring include the La Mola Fortress, the naval base, the legacies left by 18 Century British colonists, King’s Island and much more.

Night Tour of Ciutadella

Taking a look at the evocative atmosphere of the port and old city is perhaps best by night. The past capital of Menorca, Ciutadella is full of attractions for tourists, including shopping, dining and waterfront strolling. The central square and cathedral are can’t-miss spots, as is the artisan’s market that offers unique souvenirs and gift items. Laid-back bars and restaurants provide just the right feel for relaxation after a bit of walking. Do not forget to wear the proper walking shoes and bring a camera so that this nighttime gem can be experienced in full.

Daytime Snorkel and Kayak Adventures

The bay waters around Menorca are replete with amazing marine life, particularly in the northern Natural Reserve area. Tours of this locale offer chances to see coves that are nearly untouched, and these are spots that can only be reached by kayak. Cala Blanca is a particularly fine example. The variations and loveliness of these spots are profound, and indulging in some snorkelling and kayaking there can be a real treat.

The seaworthiness of kayaks is significant, and they offer an incredible level of mobility. Their light weight is perfect for stopping just about anywhere along the coastline, popping into otherwise inaccessible grottos and caves. Setting out to see the natural wonders of Menorca in this different and exciting way is an experience that will not be forgotten. Anyone who loves the outdoors and a quieter pace of sightseeing than is found in many other destinations will not regret a trip to Menorca.

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