A Guide For Expats Moving To The UK

There are many reasons why you may want to move to the UK. A land of opportunity, the UK has some of the best business communities, picturesque countrysides and diversified population in the world.

Applying for a visa

Citizens from the EU or elsewhere are allowed to stay in the UK for up to six months without a UK visa. However, after this length of time, you will have to acquire a visa in order to stay in the UK to live and work. Some of the best immigration lawyers London has to offer will help you with your application process and by giving you advice and helping to increase your chances of being granted a visa.

Choosing where to live

The UK is a big country made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Choosing where to settle can be a big decision. Consider factors such as the cost of living, local amenities, house prices and unemployment rates to help guide your decision. It is important to have an idea of where you want to live before your move so that you can save yourself a lot of time, money and stress in the long-run.


When moving to the UK you will have the choice of whether to rent or buy somewhere to live, depending on your financial status, your budget and your personal preference. Renting a house can be quite costly in comparison to buying a house. This can be said for most of the UK, apart from in central London where renting a good quality place to live can be very expensive. You may want to look in more populated regions on the outskirts of cities if you are looking for somewhere more affordable. If you are looking to purchase a property, you will need a 5-10% mortgage and to speak to a mortgage lender. Before making your decision, get to know your neighbourhood and the general selling or renting prices of homes in your area.

Finding a job

How quickly you will be able to find a job depends on your skills and experience, unemployment rates and availability of jobs in your field where you decide to reside. The UK has a vast range of opportunities, particularly in STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and maths. The infrastructure in the UK means travelling a little further afield for work is also a viable option. There are a vast range of services to help you find a job, from job centres located in and around cities and towns to recruitment agencies and online job boards and careers advice. If you register your work interests with these services, they can work with you to help find your ideal role.

To conclude, there are several factors that you need to consider before starting a new life in the United Kingdom. The UK is a great place in which to reside and can provide you with many fantastic opportunities to work, socialise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Before you move, be sure to do your research and plan ahead and you will be well on your way to applying for British citizenship and embarking on a new life in the UK.

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