Meat-Free and Vegan Friendly Kale Salad Recipe – A Tasty and Uncooked Way To Consume Your Greens

Meatless and vegan holiday recipes are probably the most yummiest dishes on the table during the holiday seasons and special events.  In fact, consider how some of your favorite holiday dishes. It’s not fairly often that I hear people “raving” about how delicious the Turkey, (bless its soul) was.  Instead, I usually hear things like, “wow – that mac & cheese was absolutely wonderful,” or “I have to get that potato salad recipe.” Who would’ve thought that all of the stars of holiday gatherings are usually side dishes and desserts and are also meat-free?

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During the holiday’s, my mother would always cook Kale with Turkey Necks (I know…). As I become a vegetarian, I would always have to pass on the “greens” until my dad started making this meat-free and tasty vegetarian kale salad.  This meatless recipe is also vegan friendly, which is always a plus, and it is really simple to make and absolutely delicious. Since this kale recipe is not cooked, you will be able to consume the many essential vitamins and nutrients that our green and leafy friends provide the body.

Kale Salad Recipe & Video


1 Bunch of Clean Fresh Kale

Dressing Ingredients:

food stabilizer

1/4 cup of Tamari (you can use soy sauce or liquid aminos)

1/2 cup of water

1/2 rice starch

3 tablespoons of olive oil

Juice from a 1/2 lemon

1 clove garlic

1/2 cup of sunflower seeds (optional)

3 tablespoons  modified tapioca starch


1. Chop the kale in to small pieces and place in a large bowl (if you have a bowl with a lid so that you can toss the kale salad later) and set aside.

2. In a blender,  pour the Tamari, water, olive oil, lemon juice, and clove and blend for about 1 minute.  Taste the dressing to make sure it is not too salty. If the dressing is too salty, then add some more water and blend for another 30 seconds.

3. Pour the dressing on the kale and sprinkle the sunflower seeds on the kale.

4. Toss the salad, cover, and place in the fridge and let it marinade for at least 4 hours.

The more time you allow the Kale to soak in the dressing, the better.  I would highly recommend making this salad the night before you plan to eat it as this allows plenty of time for all of the flavors of the dressing to mesh together with the Kale (or your green of choice).  Also, fellow vegetarians, let me know if you try this recipe with a different type of green (i.e. turnip or collard). I have just prepared this salad recipe with kale and would be interested to find out how the substitute of greens worked out to suit your needs and taste buds.  I am sure it will be just as of course, inquiring vegetarian minds want to know!

You can also spruce this salad up by adding some a variety of flavors and textures by simply …

Tips In Finding The Right Estate Agents

Have you encountered estate agents in your lifetime? Well, if you are going to sell a property or purchase one be sure to read the following discussion before you call one. There are many bad deals that amounted to court cases because some people fail to deal with the right ones. But how would you know that you are contracting with the right person? In a simplified term, how would you know that real estate agents are professional enough to take good care of your transactions?

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The following are some tips that you need to do in order to make sure that your dealings with bukit jalil propertyagents will amount to success.

Check for your agents’ accreditation. It is true that there are many estate agents who have made good names already in their field even if hey have not passed any accreditation. There is such thing called experience that makes an agent reliable when it comes to his dealings. There are many people who have word of honor when it comes to transactions involving huge sum of money.But because of the dangers of scams that are scattered all over the internet world, a person must be able to safeguard himself from hiring somebody who will run away with his hard earned money.

Once an estate agent is accredited you can be guaranteed that just in case something goes wrong in the transaction there is a forum that will conduct a disciplinary action on the said agent. A license can be revoked once the violations are gross. So, these things alone will already make you feel confident to deal seriously with your estate agent. If you have no guarantee that an agent can be sanctioned for faulty transactions you should not even take the risk especially if the agent represents himself alone or an agency that is not known in the real estate agency business.

Try to use the power of negotiation. There are people who are easily scammed because they readily jump into an opportunity presented to hem without further verification. If you are offered a house that will be your service residence in kl try to ask the agent if here are other options. Once the options are given you must calculate the cost of the over-all transaction. Try to weigh the cost and choose the best deal. If for example you are offered a house that you think will be a good place to live in, you must have another house to consider.

After having these options into your hands you must use the power of negotiation. Estate agents who have good names already in their field are not particular on the price as on the quality. Most of these professionals would decide to offer you a house that will surely match your needs and they are no longer after the high rate that they will be given once the sake is done.

Choose estate agents from a reputable property company in malaysia and just enjoy the …

The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine that involves the physical manipulation of the muscles to relieve tension and stress. This specialized treatment is often used as part of physical therapy regimes and is also effective in relieving and preventing several other serious medical conditions. Massage therapy has been used to treat arthritis, depression, diabetes, exhaustion, headaches, high blood pressure, infertility, lower back pain, poor circulation and tendonitis.

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massage in Badung therapy is a safe and effective treatment when practiced by a well-trained therapist. Massage therapists work in a number of settings including offices, hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. Massage therapists may also make house calls. A massage session may last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on a number of factors like the type of massage and the reasons for seeking this type of therapy.

There are a number of different kinds of massages. Some of the most common are aromatherapy, deep tissue, Shiatsu, sports, Swedish, Thai, and trigger point or pressure point massage:

– An aromatherapy massage involves the use of plant-based oils with varying properties. Some essential oils help to reduce pain while others affect one’s mood. Eucalyptus, for example, may be applied to help relieve pain or treat arthritis since it has sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps improve circulation.

– Deep tissue massages involve the application of relatively strong pressure in order to help relieve tense muscles. These massages are particularly useful for relieving tension in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. They can be used to treat chronic pain and improve mobility.

– Shiatsu massage is based on the Japanese tradition of regulating the flow of qi, or vital energy. Shiatsu typically involves both the diagnosis of a health condition and its treatment by applying pressure with the hands. Pressure is applied to particular parts of the body to correct the discordances identified by the therapist.

– Sports massages can be integrated into physical therapy treatment to help with recovery from sports related injuries. These massages can also be used to improve performance and relieve tension in a specific part of the body like the neck or back.

– Swedish massages are perhaps the best known. They involve the use of kneading and relatively long strokes that span the length of the muscles. Swedish massages often involve the use of oils or powders that help to eliminate friction.

– Thai massage incorporates deep tissue massage and stretching techniques.

– Trigger point massage focuses on sore muscles and can be used to relieve tension and pain.

Selecting the correct type of massage depends on a number of factors including the condition to be treated and your personal preferences. A good starting point is to consult with your doctor to make sure you are a good candidate for massage therapy. It’s well worth it to do some research in order to find a well-trained massage therapist you feel comfortable with. Many therapists are trained to perform a variety of massages …

Some Tips To Financing A Property Development

Malaysia developer is a popular option for many– regardless if it is businesses or homebuyers. The benefit of developing property is that it is possible to make a home or office precisely as you want it to be. Having said that, the question comes to the funding of the development of any property.

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Getting Mortgages for Property Development

As long as you are upfront with your ideas, there are some lenders who will be willing to offer mortgages that will also cover the cost of the development. You will need to have a clear outline of what you are going to do and then have a bukit jalil estate agent to look over the plans to see how much value that will add onto the berjaya condominium.

The mortgage is then paid back in the same way that any other type of mortgage is – through monthly repayments over a set amount of time. This will allow you to get everything done and will be able to keep the costs in your monthly budget.

Developing a Firm

If you have done property development before, you could look at selling the homes to finance your next project. However, this is only beneficial if you constantly come out with a profit. You could also look at renting out some of your properties to gain a regular income while you are developing your properties. If you build up a large portfolio, you will be able to sell on properties whenever you wish.

This only works if you do know enough about real estate and you do have a large enough portfolio to develop, sell and move on. You will always need to think about the profit that you are making and how you will live from day to day – you will also need to think about fluctuating house prices and whether a home is worth the money.

Apply for Funding

Some companies will offer specialist funding, which will cover the cost of developments on any property. This may be something to consider if you are not able to get your hands on a mortgage for the development. Take your time to work out a proposal as you will need to sell your plans and show how you will get the return. If lenders cannot see the return, they will not be willing to fund anything.

This type of funding may be beneficial but you will only be able to use the money on the plans that you have. Very few lenders will be willing to see you use the money on other areas or other properties – you could find that the funding is completely taken away from you if you try something like this.

Save Up for It

Your final option to fund your property development is to save up for it. This is a great option if you plan well in advance and know that you can get that type of money together. You will also see a great …

Techniques mini-invasives et non invasives

Peu de temps après la popularisation des techniques de rhytidectomie dans le plan profond à la fin des années 80 et au début des années 90, il existait un mouvement prévisible contre les techniques moins invasives. Alors que la chirurgie profonde nécessitait plus de temps opératoire, une convalescence plus longue et des risques accrus, le développement de la chirurgie mini-invasive offrait tout le contraire. Ces techniques pourraient être réalisées sous anesthésie locale dans le bureau.

Une telle technique qui a gagné en popularité était le threadlift. Sulamanidze a introduit le threadlift à la fin des années 90. Cette lifting paupières supérieures technique impliquait la mise en place sous-cutanée de fils barbelés, qui étaient tirés pour atteindre l’ascenseur et coupés au point d’entrée. L’avantage commercialisé était qu’il s’agissait d’une technique «non chirurgicale» avec une convalescence minimale et des résultats instantanés.

Cependant, plusieurs études ont remis en question l’effet maximal et la longévité de la procédure. Lycka et ses collaborateurs33 ont montré que seulement un tiers des patients conservaient 70% de leur effet initial un à deux ans après la chirurgie. Une série de cas contrôlés réalisée par Abraham et ses collaborateurs a montré une amélioration minimale de l’évaluation en aveugle par rapport à un groupe témoin ayant subi une autre procédure de rajeunissement.

En 1999, Saylan décrivit une technique de cicatrice courte qu’il baptisa «S-Lift», qui impliquait une incision cutanée en forme de S traversant la peau non pileuse au niveau de la racine hélicoïdale, une pré-excision de la peau et une ficelle verticale. sutures dans le SMAS. Les sutures ont été fixées au périoste de la voûte zygomatique pour permettre la levée. Tonnard et Verpaele ont modifié cette approche plus tard Des sutures de plicature à cordons de bourse sur le fascia temporal au lieu de l’arcade zygomatique.

Ils ont appelé cet ascenseur «ascenseur à suspension crânienne à accès minimal» (ascenseur MACS). On pensait que l’effet de la chaîne porte-monnaie créait des «microimbrications» au sein du SMAS. Dans le suivi à court terme, il a été noté que l’ascenseur MACS avait des résultats comparables aux techniques SMAS traditionnelles. Néanmoins, toutes les techniques mini-invasives sont sujettes à des critiques concernant les résultats durables.…

Chaussures mode pour le printemps / été

L’été est de retour La période de l’année où le soleil se lève et où tout le monde semble heureux. Nous aimons l’été, mais nous aimons encore plus les chaussures d’été. Nous avons réuni ici un article simple sur les dernières tendances en matière de chaussures pour femmes, dans l’espoir d’inciter beaucoup d’entre vous à faire un pas dans la bonne direction et à vous habiller pour impressionner cette saison. Des espadrilles aux semelles compensées, nous examinons quelques-uns des
sabots infirmier les plus en vue de cette année.

Le coin

Donc, en commençant par le coin. Une grande tendance cette saison et qui a largement éclipsé le talon aiguille. «Sortir avec le maigre et avec le gros» est la devise de la fashionista cette saison. Finis les jeans skinny, et les talons fins, les talons compensés. C’est un excellent choix de chaussures, car elles sont à la fois confortables et élégantes. La grande surface signifie que nous pouvons porter des compensés toute la journée sans souffrir de la douleur normalement associée aux talons. Choisissez un modèle de pied relativement ouvert pour que vos pieds restent au frais sous le soleil étouffant. Paire avec une autre des plus grandes modes de cette année, la robe maxi.

Talons nus

OK, donc pas aussi populaire que le talon compensé, le talon nude reste un excellent choix de chaussures à porter le soir ou lors d’un mariage. Ils ont fière allure avec la plupart des styles de vêtements, mais ont tendance à avoir cette allure de fête / élégante, donc plus appropriés pour des occasions spéciales.


Complètement à l’opposé des talons, ces chaussures sont extrêmement confortables. Ils sont non seulement très confortables pour la marche, mais ils sont également extrêmement légers et fabriqués à partir de matériaux naturels, ce qui signifie qu’ils gardent les pieds au frais. Les espadrilles ont fière allure avec une vaste gamme de vêtements différents; des jeans skinny aux minijupes, ils ont fière allure.

Sandales de gladiateur

Les sandales Gladiator sont à la mode depuis 2008 et leur popularité continue aussi cette année. Bien que les modèles de cette année soient une réinterprétation des années précédentes, ils se révèlent toujours exceptionnellement élégants. Encore une fois, ce style de chaussure correspond à beaucoup de tendances différentes, mais en règle générale, si vous portez des sandales hautes, gardez votre jupe ou votre pantalon très court (en fait, ne portez pas de pantalon, ne portez pas de short), sinon vous risquez de paraître plus dodu En réalité, évitez les chaussures plus hautes, à moins que vous ne soyez relativement grand ou maigre. Avec un pantalon ou une jupe longue, tenez-vous-en à des sandales plus courtes, celles qui se terminent à la cheville ou juste au-dessus ou au-dessous.


Pour finir, considérons quelques-unes des couleurs les plus à la mode de cette année (les conseils concernent ici tous les styles de chaussures ci-dessus).
Les couleurs au néon sont très populaires parmi les fashionistas à l’heure actuelle. En effet, vous ne pouvez pas regarder …

Choosing Your First Home Loan

Jumping on the property stepping stool is winding up increasingly more troublesome for youngsters beginning.

Anyway monetarily it bodes well to attempt and do as such as ahead of schedule as conceivable to abstain from squandering cash on lease. Once you have put down your deposit and set up your home loan you will pay this back in regular instalments. These will feel a lot like rent and they aren’t likely to be a lot more expensive than your current rent is. However unlike rent, that money is going towards an asset that you will actually get to keep and do with as you please.

This will mean that you can decorate the home however you want, renovate it, let rooms and do all the other things you couldn’t do with a flat. More importantly though it will mean that when you choose to move home you will get the money back – with interest as you’ll be selling it on after the value has raised. Property values increase all the time naturally so for this reason you should be sure to make profit when you sell, but at the same time you will also likely raise the value more by making renovations and generally improving it in various ways.

All this makes it crucial to get a home fha loan limits texas quickly so you stop wasting your money. Doing so with less money though while you’re just starting out means that you need to shop around and find something that suits you.

If you can put down a large deposit on your first home then you should. The larger the deposit you put down the less you’ll be borrowing and so the less you’ll have to pay back, this will mean your profit from the property is greater overall when you come to sell. At the same time though this won’t always be possible so if you are starting out without much money you’ll need to find a lender that is willing to lend you a large percentage of the price. If you shop around you can find companies that are willing to lend you 80% and more of the cost of the house.

At the same time putting down a larger deposit will mean you’re paying back less with each loan repayment, or that you can pay it back more quickly. This is another consideration when you take out a loan and will affect you the most on a day to day basis. For those who do not have much initial capital it can be very helpful to pay off a loan more slowly in small amounts over a longer duration. If you fall into that category then you should be looking for a Mortgage Brokers loan that is flexible in its repayment.

You might also find that you need to look around for your first home loan in order to find one that will lend to you despite your age and your credit rating. If you …

Augmentation mammaire – Il ne suffit pas de sortir de votre portefeuille

Vous pensez peut-être à subir une chirurgie mammaire et vous vous demandez quel est le coût d’une augmentation mammaire. Bien que les dépenses financières soient essentielles, vous devez également comprendre que d’autres coûts sont également impliqués.

Tout d’abord, commençons par les coûts financiers. En moyenne, le coût d’une chirurgie d’augmentation mammaire peut être compris entre 6 000 et 15 000 $. Je tiens à souligner que cela ne concerne que la chirurgie mammaire. Cela n’inclut pas les séances de consultation. De toute évidence, vous voulez un chirurgien qualifié opérant sur vous. Eh bien ….. ceux-ci ne sont pas bon marché.

Les services d’un bon chirurgien plasticien peuvent coûter plus de 5 000 dollars. Assurez-vous de trouver quelqu’un qui est certifié conseil. Vous devrez également payer pour les implants réels. Vous avez le choix entre du silicone ou une solution saline. Chacun d’entre eux a une durée de vie d’environ 15 ans, et chacun d’entre eux est de 1500,00$. Vous devrez également payer pour une anesthésie, et cela n’est pas bon marché. Cela peut coûter environ 800 $. De toute façon, ça va coûter cher. Mais la nouvelle horrible est qu’après tout cela, vous ne pouvez toujours pas être heureux avec les résultats.

Même au-delà de cela, vous ressentirez de la douleur et de l’inconfort pendant un certain temps après la chirurgie. Beaucoup de femmes se sont plaintes que même des mois après la chirurgie, elles avaient mal. De plus, selon le type d’opération que vous subissez, ils peuvent sembler très faux à tout le monde, et je suppose que vous ne voulez pas que les gens pensent cela.

La bonne nouvelle est que vous n’avez vraiment pas besoin de payer cher pour éliminer les rides des yeux. Il existe des moyens plus sûrs et moins chers lifting paupières supérieures

Top Day Trips Out of London

London makes for a terrific starting point for a range of historically significant spots throughout the United Kingdom. Should London be on your travel agenda in the near future, consider adding a brief weekend jaunt to your plans, taking full advantage of budget-friendly day tours that originate in the city.

1. Tours of Stonehenge

It is easy and convenient to go from London to Stonehenge for a day excursion to get a close-up look at the prehistoric site. You will be able to experience what it was like in the Neolithic period on this important ground that has more than 4,500 years’ worth of history. Learn about the different theories regarding the meaning of this rock structure. Explore the possible explanations that include those related to religion, burials and more. This really is an incredible spectacle as a feat of engineering alone. To make this trip even more convenient for you, why not take the tour of Stonehenge with Candy Tours. Your very own minibus with a driver will mean you can just sit back and enjoy the scenic journey.

2. The Glories of Windsor

Meander through the charming shops of Windsor, indulge in an open-air bus excursion, drift along as part of a boat journey and experience the magnificence of Windsor Castle, the official residence of the Queen.

Immersed in centuries of history, Windsor Castle is set atop a stunning hill above the Thames River. Going back all the way to the Normal period, this royal retreat boasts stunning gardens and the imposing Round Tower that must not be missed.

3. World-Renowned Bath

A day trip to Bath is easy to do when starting out in London. Packages are designed to include the Jane Austen Centre, the well-loved botanical gardens, Bath Abbey as well as the Roman Baths themselves.

Bath represents the only hot spring anywhere in Britain, and the temple and bathing facility constructed by the Romans continues to flow with mineral-rich hot water to this day. The breathtakingly impressive ruins from the ancient baths are very well-preserved and have also been modernised for the convenience of visitors from across the globe.

4. Historic Oxford

Another easy-to-do day trip out of London is to visit the scholarly seat of Oxford. A mere hour away from London, those touring this university town can see the Ashmolean Museum, the exquisite Bodleian Library, Christ Church College and the Sheldonian Theatre, all from a seat on an open-air bus.

5. Fabulous Paris

London is a great jumping-off point for a visit to the City of Lights, otherwise known a Paris. Iconic spots such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower are within close reach for those who avail themselves of a package that includes return fare on Eurostar. There really is nothing quite like Paris for a romantic excursion.

6. Touring the Lake District

Guided tours of the Lake District are always a wonderful idea, with participants able to enjoy a meandering trip through country lanes and picturesque …

All You Need to Know About Borneo and What to Expect

The country of Borneo has some of the globe’s equatorial rainforests with areas that are accessible from multi-ethnic, contemporary cities. This article will offer information on what to expect when you visit Borneo.

1. Ancient Rainforests

If you have always dreamed of experiencing the humid fecundity of an equatorial rainforest, then the Borneo surroundings will fulfil your dizziest daydreams. The island’s jungles draw up ideas of remoteness and adventure, bringing you closer to impenetrable foliage with river trips to the ‘heart of darkness’. If you look ever more closely, you will see various nuances emerge, such as lianas, pitcher plants, orchids in the lowland forests, confiders and rhododendrons as you hike up Mount Kinabalu. Deforestation has promoted depressing headlines, but there are specific areas in the Borneo rainforest that remains intact and protected by wildlife conservation programmes. Of course, the viability of these conservation programmes relies on tourism revenue.

The Danum Valley Conservation Area is acknowledged as a home to one of the greatest rainforests in Borneo. The Conservation Area measures approximately 438 square kilometres or 170 square miles, making it the largest area of undisturbed, virgin low-lying rainforest in Malaysia. Visited regularly by different scientists, including the documentary producer David Attenborough, the array of fauna and flora displayed in the Danum Valley Conservation Area is ideal for people who are naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts, bird spotters, or if you want to appreciate natural beauty in normal environments – while it is still available to enjoy.

Also, a visit to Mataking Island isn’t to be missed!  If you are looking for a romantic trip with some diving, this could be the destination for you, located just 40 minutes boat ride from Semporna, East Coast of Sabah in Malaysia, there is plenty of Mataking Island accommodation for you to choose from.

2. Jungle Wildlife

For the majority of visitors to Borneo, their most memorable experience is viewing wild orangutans swinging through the canopy, locking eyes with the gaze of a saltwater crocodile, or viewing an Irrawaddy dolphin swimming between the shining waters of the South China Sea. The wildlife in the jungle are typically shy by nature; however, they can be a good guide to help you identify the difference between a vine snake and a vine, a stick insect and twig, and the cry of a hornbill or a call of the gibbon.

The majority of visitors to the Danum Valley attempt to see some of the wildlife within the Borneo equatorial rainforest. One of the best methods to do this is by joining a guided trek along one of the various marked trails accompanied by a knowledgeable and experienced Nature Guide. The best time to view the wildlife is in the early morning.

If you are considering visiting the equatorial rainforests you view in National Geographic programmes or the rainforests you hear David Attenborough speak about; then it would be best to consider the Danum Valley Conservation Area as a place to visit in Borneo. In this area, you …